About Me

As a brat of five (apparently) I showed a tendency toward illustration, but let's be honest, the walls needed artwork. Fast forward to present day and if I'm not bringing a client's vision to life through illustration or digital art work, I'm probably hand-painting a little flower mural in the kitchen, because I own the wall now!

My hope is that you will see the magic, whimsy, and willingness to go anywhere in my artistic style and voice, while recognizing my strengths in brand execution, modern styling, and digital chops to deliver for any medium. Many illustrators will deliver their style to your brand -- I prefer to bring your brand to life with a voice as unique as you. 

Artistic Voice

My portfolio demonstrates that at the highest level, my work tends to be colorful, playful, with a desire to bring life to seemingly ordinary things. My influences toward this loose story-telling style include Gabriel Garcia Marquez (author of "100 Years of Solitude"), Dorothea Lange (photographer), Wayne Thiebaud, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Dr. Seuss, Marvel Comics, National Geographic, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Always inquisitive, I commonly take detours through costume and mask making, artistic welding, textile design, and fine art painting as fuel for illustration.

This desire to roam and experiment was not always a strength. While attending the Pacific Northwest College of Art, I admired the illustrators with a strong perspective and worried not having a bold voice would be a hindrance. A career in illustration later, I've realized my tendency to explore new styles and mediums has been key to my ability to work with any brand, to find their voice, and deliver work to clients that they feel represents their vision.

Client Focused

As a professional illustrator and designer, I bring this same flexible and exploratory style to my clients. From hand sketches to digital art work, my clients are part of the process from concept to final execution. That flexibility in style and voice allows me to help clients who aren't sure what they want by giving them differing styles to compare. For clients with a strong brand guidelines, I have the digital skills to quickly and easily incorporate their standards into new and innovative expressions that remain on brand. 

Beyond the artistic consulting and delivery, my clients also enjoy being treated like clients. Where some illustrators and designers lean toward the 'art' in their business, my clients will attest:

  • When they call, I actually answer the phone

  • The invoice almost always matches or is less than the estimate 

  • Need help with printing (papers, inks, dye-cuts, presses), digital formats, site and social media art? Yes.

  • Short deadline? It may cost a little extra, but let me move my schedule around.

While many of my clients become friends through volunteering, running events, or just friendly chats in and around work, I never lose sight that my clients are earned and deserve the same positive attitude and service as when we first met. 

Though not by birth I consider myself a native Oregonian, making Portland home since the 80's. I have a husband who gave me motorcycles and three beautiful mixie kids. There's always a dog or two around as well. I stand with Black Lives Matter, Indivisible Cedar Mill, and welcome working with people of any marginalized group.